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Gardenhill Elementary School

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School Policies » Dress Code

Dress Code

(Education Code 35183, 351835, California Code of Regulation, Title5, Section 302; Board Policy 5595)
The Board of Education requires all students attending district school to be suitably groomed and to wear clothing that is neat, clean, safe and appropriate for school activities. Items of dress which are known to support or encourage gang involvement, drug or alcohol use, criminal or immoral behavior,profanity, or which lack modesty are not permitted. If at any time a student’s dress is such that detracts from or disrupts the educational program he/she maybe required to return home to make appropriate changes in dress or groom.Students and parents are to understand that a school is an educational institution and that proper attire, footwear and grooming are required at all times. Visible tattoos or body graffiti, whether permanent or temporary, are discouraged. Although the school is responsible for enforcing the dress code, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that students come to school properly groomed and attired.
Prohibited items:
  1. Gang identification: such as, but not limited to, hairnets, bandanas, hats, spiked collars, belt buckles with gang symbol, and other type apparel.
  2. Immodesty, such as, but not limited to, halter tops, short shorts, see-through blouses and other times.
  3. Criminal, immoral, anti-social behavior.
  4. Profanity or abusive language.
  5. Drug, alcohol, and tobacco use.
  6. Lack of safety, such as jewelry, inappropriate footwear or other paraphernalia that could cause injury.

    It is the responsibility of the school administration to determine the extent to which the dress disrupts the education program as listed in items 1-6.
1.           Only school approved hats or visors in school colors will be permitted.
              a)  No gang related logos will be permitted on hats or visors as per board policy.
              b)  Hats may only be worn outdoors. The bill of the hat must face forward.
2.           P.E. guideline will allow approved hats, long sleeve shirts,long sweats, or warm up pants while students are outdoors.
3.           Sunscreen may be applied and worn outdoors.